The Story of Montgomery Volunteer Fire Company #1

October 10, Thursday, at 7 pm at Montgomery Volunteer Fire Building
page1image4856Two devastating fires in quick succession back in 1939 energized the determination of a handful who had stood helpless in the face of calamity and out of the ashes was born Montgomery Volunteer Fire Company, No. 1. Meager beginnings became major  accomplishments in the years that followed. Both their firefighting and their firemen’s fairs were some real humdingers. VHHS is planning to mark their 80thAnniversary in October by inviting everyone to come hear all about it, as told in picture and personal recollection by none other than Dan Pullen, yarn spinner with the best of them.  We will be in the Belle Mead Firehouse on Griggstown Road, and firemen will roll their engines out to make room for chairs aplenty.  To register, email

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