The Van Harlingen Historical Society was founded in 1965 to help preserve the heritage of the Montgomery Township area and to interpret the area’s history through educational programs, publications, and exhibits. VHHS believes that by educating our people about our rich history, we create a stronger sense of community. As advocates for preservation of sites and settings, we also help the town make better decisions regarding development.


Belle Mead in 1910


• Restoring the 1752 Dirck Gulick House to become our headquarters, library, and archives.
• Managing the one-room Bedensville Schoolhouse at Orchard Hill Elementary School.
• Creating the Montgomery Farm Museum.
• Establishing a select library of books, family records, manuscripts, and photographs to support research & genealogy.
• Publishing a multi-volume series of oral histories based on memories of long-time citizens.
• Advocating the preservation of scenic byways, villages, and buildings before governing bodies.


• Supplementing the third-grade history curriculum with a one-room schoolhouse program.
• Hosting regular programs on local history topics.
• Organizing walks and hikes in the local villages, along the canal, and up the SourlandMountain.
• Publishing the Van Harlingen Historian newsletter.

Strengthening Community Life
• Holding the annual May In Montgomery event asa fundraiser and community-building activity.
• Hosting an annual Wine & Cheese Holiday Party in an historic local home.


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An 1862 flag said to have flown in Rocky Hill at the time of Lincoln’s death was donated to the Society by a descendant of the owner. VHHS in turn returned it to Rocky Hill in the spring of 2012. Preservation!