A collection of unique publications and oral histories about Montgomery Township, all written by members and historians of VHHS! To order by mail Click Here for an order form, otherwise use our shopping cart.

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Montgomery Township:an Historic Community 1702-1972  by Ursula Brecknell

Written by architectural historian, genealogist, and preservation consultant, the book was originally published in 1972. This reproduction edition was released in 2006 that includes an introduction, an index, and many photographs of the landscape and architectural reminders of the past. The book documents the township’s history from the time of Dutch settlement to the present time. $10 

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One-Room Schoolhouses, Montgomery Township N.J. Late 1700s to the Early 1900s by Carol Skillman Harcarik

The author, daughter to Tom Skillman, grew up in Montgomery and was one of the many volunteers who worked to save, move, and restore the Bedensville Schoolhouse. In with thoroughly researched book, she traces school records, photographs, and memories of many Montgomery residents to provide a full documentation of the ten school districts which served the township’s educational needs in the 1800s.      $10


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Family Burying Grounds, Montgomery Township, NJ by Walter Baker

Baker personally studied and recorded the grave markers in all known burial grounds in Montgomery Township. He provides directions for locating the cemeteries, detailed descriptions of the boundaries of the property, and an account of the people resting there. This magnificent guide is now on its third edition! It was published in 1990, 1993, and 2008. $15

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History of the State Village for Epileptics by Walter Baker

A fascinating account of the history of Skillman Village (aka North Princeton Developmental Center, Neuro-Psychiatric Instutite, or the State Village for Epileptics), located on property that once housed six large farms. It was originally published in 1993, then again published in 2005 with photographs.           $10


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The Bridges of Montgomery Township by N.J. Rieur

Revised 1999 edition – Photos and descriptions stone-arch bridges, metal truss bridges, and wooden-railed bridges, which are complemented by photographs.   $10

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Gleanings from the Past: Memories of an Old Farmer
by Charles W. Grayson
This monograph gives its reader an intimate glimpse into New Jersey farming in the first half of the 20th century by one who lived it. Grayson covers all aspects of farm life including machinery, dangers, social life, schooling, weather, dairying,etc.                 $10

2013 Calendar
Back to Blawenburg, Historic Images from early 1900s $5


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Historic Harlingen, Postcard Images from early 1900s $5

Oral Histories: Memoires of Montgomery

Over a span of more than 20 years, the Van Harlingen Historical Society has taped and compiled a collection of oral histories. Through Walter Baker’s leadership, direction and perseverance, this collection has developed into one of strong historical significance to Montgomery Township. The individual oral histories tell us many interesting tales of the individuals who built Montgomery, and they give us a very real look at the life, work, school, play and farms in Montgomery from the early 1900s up until present times.

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These interviews were usually casual discussions and we have tried to remain true to the exact comments made. Because of the age and quality of the tapes, some of the discussions will be missing detail and some of the names and places may not have been spelled correctly. Where different facts are known, footnotes are added to correct or further explain confusing comments. We hope that you will excuse these errors as you enjoy these interesting Memories of Montgomery.                       $5 each

Blawenburg Band – J. Orr & R. Van Zandt

Belle Mead in the Early 1920s – F. Rocknak & R. Westervelt

A Milkman Called Ozzie – O. Hoepfner

Unionville School – F. Cruser, J. Dixon, C. Davis Dixon & C. Garretson

Reminiscences of Blawenburg- A. Skillman, L. Skillman & E. Terhune

Meatwagons of Montgomery – I. Robbins, E. Robbins, J. Dixon

Mr. Skillman of Skillman – T. Skillman

Dixon’s General Store – J. Dixon, C. Davis Dixon

The Hillsborough-Montgomery Telephone Co.- Orr, Garretson, Cruser

Camp Meetings & Other Things – M. True, E. True

Duncan Campbell Centenarian – D. Campbell

The Runyan Girls – B. Runyan Quick, S. Runyan Fulper

The Oliver Family – Samuel S. Oliver

Growing Up in Blawenburg – Norma Haight Arons

Three Boys from Blawenburg – J. K. Dorey, R.Saums & W. Terhune

Ducks on the Roof -Pat D’Angelo

The Good Old Days – Charles Grayson

Skillman in the Early 1900s- Raymond Young

The Brian Baru Farm – Russell O’Brien

The ‘Unofficial’ Mayor of Blawenburg – Ed Terhune

The Spring on the Side of the Hill – Sara Bucci Dormer

The Puppeteer – Louise (Suzy) Bogner Nittolo

Shadowhill Farm – Leonard James, Edward James

The Master Planner – Otto Kaufman

Walter’s Story – Walter C. Baker

Winter Ice Cream – Helen Wyckoff Yantz

A Squirt in the Eye – Theodore Drake

Peter Fedun’s Store – Dolores King Fedun

Skillman Families – Eleanora Kolbert