The Keith Line Sept 10 2022

* * * * September 10th 2022 * * * *

The Keith Line with Joe Grabus and Bruce Blair – 2-4pm

at the new Montgomery Library meeting room

(no reservations required)

The “Why” and the “How” of Province Line Road, a remnant of the dividing line between East Jersey and West Jersey determined by surveyors in 1686 is a tale of amazing skill, remarkable endurance and intractable disagreements preserved in a name.

The true story of how George Keith leading a little survey crew over salt marsh, through pine forest and over steep hills to lay down a perfectly straight line 60 miles long in five weeks using only primitive instruments will be told for us in April by two of the old deans of surveying with transit and compass, Joe Grabus and Bruce Blair.

This is a don’t miss special treat.



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