Bald Eagles, Our National Bird: Back from the Brink of Extinction – 3/19

What did Benjamin Frankin really mean when he said of the bald eagle, “He is a Bird of bad moral Character… Besides he iseagle photo a rank Coward”? Find out the answer and more on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at Mary Jacobs Library at 7:00 pm when Van Harlingen Historical presents, “Bald Eagles, Our National Bird: Back from the Brink of Extinction.”

After a brief history lesson explaining the legend of the turkey vs. the bald eagle, Maria Grace, Education and Outreach Manager at Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ, will discuss the efforts taken to protect bald eagles and their successful resurgence in New Jersey. These magnificent birds with wing-spans of 8 feet are found in our own area with nests as close by as Princeton and Manville. They also are the stars of a yearly eagle family “show” thanks to a hidden camera at Duke Farms in Hillsborough.

Born and raised in NJ, Maria shares rare wildlife stories with people of all ages. She received her BS in Environmental Studies from Stockton College and her MA in Environmental Education from Montclair State University. She lives in the Sourland Mountains, the largest contiguous forest in central Jersey. Her programs are always fun and informative.

Bald Eagles, Our National Bird is free and open to the public. School-age children are welcome. Space is limited. Register on-line at Mary Jacobs Library or call 609-924-7073. The library is located at 64 Washington Street, Rocky Hill, NJ.

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