The Mercer & Somerset Railway Company and a Frog War

 September 26, Thursday, at 7 pm at Mary Jacobs Library

 The New Jersey State Legislature incorporated the Mercer and Somerset Railway Company in 1870 and granted them a charter to build a railroad between Trenton and Millstone.  In 1873, the New Jersey State Legislature granted a charter to a competing railroad company along the very same pathway (an act of political revenge?)  By 1874, the Mercer and Somerset Railway Company had laid 22 ½ miles of tracks and begun operation – cutting diagonally through Montgomery. A scant two years later, on a fateful day in January, the competing railroads had a showdown as their tracks crossed in Hopewell for what became to be known as the Frog War.  The Mercer & Somerset went bankrupt in 1879.

This intriguing story will be told by John Kilbride.  The program is co-sponsored by the Van Harlingen Historical Society and the Mary Jacobs Library.  Please pre-register by phone 908-458-8433 or email

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