“Sojourner Truth” Will Arrive at Mary Jacobs Library – 9/18/14


Dr. Daisy Century as Sojourner Truth

On Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 7:00 pm, presenting in first person interpretation, Dr. Daisy Century of American History Theatre brings former slave, abolitionist, suffragette Sojourner Truth to life. The program will presented September 18, 2014 at Mary Jacobs Library, 64 Washington St., Rocky Hill at 7:00 pm.

Born Isabella Baumfree, the slave from a small town north of New York City changed hands several times, sold by one brutal owner to another just as harsh. In 1826 she escaped her cruel owners, only to have an epiphany and became a devout Christian, renaming herself Sojourner Trtuth and becoming a traveling preacher. In 1850, Sojourner began speaking on women’s suffrage, believing the causes of abolition and women’s rights to be intertwined and equally important.

Dr. Daisy Century has had acting in her blood a long time. However, trained as a teacher, Dr. Century’s undergraduate work is in science and she holds a PhD from Temple University, also in Science Education. This naturally talented teacher and actor has continued to inspire through her thoroughly-researched, dramatically intense portrayals.

This event is funded through a grant from the NJ Council for the Humanities. Pre-registration required. Call the Mary Jacobs Library at 609-924-7073 or visit: somerset.lib.nj.us/maryjacobs.htm

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